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Training and secondment in the hotel and catering industry

At your service is a training and secondment agency for the hotel and catering industry on Curaçao. On the one hand, it provides training for Curaçao locals and arranges a job for them in the hotel and catering industry. On the other hand, At your service seconds employees in the hotel and catering industry and relieves resorts and restaurants of the burden of personnel management.

The creation of At your service

At your service is the brainchild of two Dutch entrepreneurs, a hospitality enthusiast and a secondment agent, who are passionate about their work and feel a great affinity towards Curaçao. The two entrepreneurs met on this island and shared the dream of starting a business here. One reason for this was to enjoy this beautiful island, but the more prevalent reason was so that they could contribute to it. They wanted to use their knowledge and skills to help the local residents and the hotel and catering industry and work together to create something beautiful.

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“In the Netherlands, I went to hotel school when I was young. Later, I ran two businesses in the hotel and catering industry. I was also chairman of the SVH, the foundation that develops the literature for hotel and catering study programmes and ultimately administers exams for course participants. Today, I run a wine business and give wine courses to staff in the hotel and catering industry. The latter, passing my knowledge to others, is what I like best of all. The fact that I can now combine this with the island I love so much is really fantastic.”



“From the moment that I arrived on Curaçao, almost twenty years ago, his island took my heart. I increasingly returned to the idea of living and doing business here. However, I would only do so with an enterprise through which I could give something back to the island that has already given me so much. I ran a secondment agency in the Netherlands, so I could bring in that knowledge. Together with Marc, a high flier in the catering business, I can now really do something for Curaçao. At your service!”


AYS team members

And that is all from the founders. The real heroes of At Your Service are the AYS team members. These are motivated local heroes who have completed the AYS study programme and are now passionate about their work and apply their skill at local restaurants and resorts. They take the local hospitality industry to the next level. They ensure that the guests on this island can enjoy themselves to the full. They are making Curaçao even more beautiful than it already was. They are the ones we and Curaçao can be proud of.

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The start: together

Those two entrepreneurs are Marc and Ron. One is an experienced star in the hospitality industry who wants nothing more than to pass on his knowledge and the other is a passionate recruiter who wants to give everyone a chance. Together, they went looking in Curaçao for local partners, existing initiatives, and practical experiences. This was not to find competitors, but rather to find parties to work with, to link to existing parties, and to learn from the past.

Marc, Ron, Simone and Iris

They concluded that there is a need for a good, certified hotel and catering industry study programme with a job guarantee as well as a need for a party to relieve the burden regarding hotel and catering industry staff. This was a perfect fit with Marc and Ron's areas of expertise. Together with their partners Simone and Iris, who take care of the back-end of the organization, they started At Your Service.

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