Where do you need to be?

Where on Curaçao do you need to go to find a good hotel or catering employee? And who can offer you a training programme or course so that you can become a good hotel or catering employee? Those questions were quite difficult to answer. Until now. The answer is a simple one these days: contact At your service.

Becoming a hotel or catering employee

At your service offers everyone who is willing to learn, wants to make the most of themselves, and likes working in a team the opportunity to participate in a hotel and catering study programme or course at SVH level. This level is proof of basic hotel and catering qualities and is recognized in Curaçao and in the Netherlands. Prior education or study programmes have no impact on this. As long as you are motivated to obtain this certificate, we consider you to be a ‘local hero’ and more than welcome to join At you service. We will pay for and facilitate the study programme or course.



Hotel or catering employee with SVH Certificate

For employers such as yourself, this makes the following immediately clear: At your service provides well trained and motivated hotel and catering employees. All At your service hotel and catering employees always have an SVH certificate. This means that they have at least the basic knowledge to be a good employee as part of the kitchen or service staff. Additionally, you profit from the flexibility and ease of secondment that At your service provides.

Basic training for hotel and catering employee on kitchen or service staff

At your service offers basic training programmes for hotel and catering employees on kitchen and service staff. Together we will review which training programme is the best fit for someone. What someone truly likes. Do they love preparing food, or rather the interaction with guests? Depending on what the best fit is, we offer the KAS (kitchen assistant) and BAS (service assistant) training programmes.

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Training on Curaçao for Curaçao

The training programmes are provided on Curaçao and are meant for residents of Curaçao. Upon completion of the training programme, At your service will provide a job in the local hotel and catering industry. But before then, candidates first need to attend school. The programme is as follows:

  • 6 weeks of school
  • 8 weeks of work placement
  • 6 weeks of school
  • Exams
  • Local hero, at work: At your service!

Continuing to learn and grow

The KAS and BAS training programmes teach you the basics. You will then gain practical experience in the cool world of the hotel and catering industry through At your service. You may find that you want to and can learn more as you go along. At your service offers additional training programmes and courses. For example, you can become a host or cook who works independently, take on a specialization as a barista, or study for a management position.

Do you also want to follow a training?

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