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Training and secondment in the hotel and catering industry

At Your Service is a training and secondment agency for the hotel and catering industry on Curaçao. On the one hand, it provides training for Curaçao locals and arranges a job for them in the hotel and catering industry. On the other hand, At your service seconds employees in the hotel and catering industry and relieves resorts and restaurants of the burden of personnel management.

The creation of At Your Service

At Your Service originated from the passion for catering and secondment in combination with a heart for Curaçao. Dutch entrepreneur Ron van der Velden followed his dream to start a business here. On the one hand to enjoy this beautiful island yourself, but even more so to be able to contribute to it. To help the local residents and catering industry with their knowledge and skills and to create something beautiful together.


“From the moment I came to Curaçao about twenty years ago, I have lost my heart to this island. More and more often I toyed with the idea of living and doing business here. But with a company that allowed me to give something back to the island that had already given me so much. I ran a secondment agency in the Netherlands and with the help of a catering expert I set up At Your Service. With this I can now really do something for Curaçao. At your service!”

AYS team members

However, At Your Service is not about the entrepreneur. The real heroes are the AYS team members. Motivated local heroes who have completed the AYS training and now work with passion and expertise at local restaurants and resorts. They take the local catering industry to a higher level. They ensure that guests can enjoy this island to the fullest. They make Curaçao even more beautiful than it already was. They are the ones we and Curaçao can be proud of.

The start: together

Ron, a passionate secondment who wants to give everyone a chance, went in search of local parties, existing initiatives and practical experience in training and secondment of catering staff in Curaçao, together with a catering expert. Not to compete, but to work together, connect to what is already there and learn from the past.

Ron and Iris

We concluded that there is a need for a good, certified hotel and catering industry study programme with a job guarantee as well as a need for a party to relieve the burden regarding hotel and catering industry staff. That was exactly what we had in mind. Together we run the organization At Your Service.

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