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Working in the hotel and catering industry

Would you like to work in the hotel and catering industry on Curaçao? But you are not getting hired or are only offered the lowest jobs in the hotel and catering industry? At your service offers you the chance you deserve. The chance to follow a good training programme followed by a nice job you enjoy and can be proud of.

Local hero

When you want to achieve something in the hotel and catering industry, you have to be willing to do your best. If you are prepared to do that, then we think you are a local hero and we are looking for you! There are plenty of hospitality jobs to be found, but they often require a basic hotel and catering industry training. We will provide the training programme for you and pay for it. After that, we will ensure that you can start working in restaurants and resorts.

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Kitchen assistant

The kitchen of a restaurant or resort stands or falls with good support provided to the chefs. That is your job. You help with the preparations and support the chefs in cooking and preparing the dishes. This means that you are partly responsible for ensuring that the guests can enjoy a delicious meal.

Serving assistant

You make guests feel welcome and are not left wanting. You serve drinks and snacks while also providing humour and Curaçao hospitality. Thanks to you, guests have a great time at the resort or in the restaurant while also learning more about Curaçao.

The vacancies we train you for are fun, supportive roles as kitchen or service staff. Together, we look at what suits you best and then prepare you for it.

AYS team member

As soon as you have completed your basic training through At your service and start working in the hotel and catering sector, you will be given a fun accessoire. With this, you will be an official member of the AYS team and a true local hero. The AYS team is known for its quality. With you as an AYS team member, restaurants and resorts know that they are bringing in a skilled hotel and catering employee.

Making the most of things!

If you like working in the hospitality industry and would like to better showcase your title of 'local hero', then At Your Service offers you the opportunity to move up through the ranks. Depending on your wishes and capabilities, you can – for example – continue your studies and grow towards a management position or specialize as a barista or chef. If you have it in you, we will make the most of it!

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