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Was everything okay for you? This polite question is probably one your hospitality staff regularly ask your guests. A common answer is ‘Yes, absolutely’. But does that mean that your guests had the time of their lives? Or do they say ‘yes, absolutely’ just to avoid causing a fuss when, in fact, they’re not that happy. It could be interpreted either way. 

Are you eager to know what your guests really think about your hotel, restaurant, or bar? Do you wonder whether there’s anything you could improve on? Then request a Mystery Visit from At Your Service.

This is how it works

First meeting

First of all, we’ll discuss what areas you’d like the mystery guest to focus on. This could be the hospitality experience, service, food, interior design, how well your team works together, opportunities for increasing sales, or any other particular aspects that you want to know more about.

Mystery Visit

Our mystery guest (Elianne Eissens) will do some research on your business and schedule a date and time for their visit. Immediately after their visit, we’ll receive a detailed report with the mystery guest’s findings. 


We’ll give you a report containing all the plus points and recommendations for improvement. We’ll discuss the points with you in a one-on-one conversation and advise on follow-up steps, such as training for your employees. 

Want to know more about Mystery Visit or want to request a visit? Please get in touch – we’d love to help you!

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