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Hotel and catering staff wanted

Each season you face the same challenge: finding hotel and catering staff! How can you find sufficient numbers of qualified staff for your resort or restaurant? Due to a lack of good hotel and catering industry study programmes or training courses on the island, you are often reliant on students on work placements from the Netherlands who come and go. And the following season, your search starts all over again.

Staff on permanent contracts cost time and energy

In contrast with students on work placements, it is difficult to attract and retain staff on permanent contracts. Above all, you end up spending a lot of time and energy on record keeping, communication, and scheduling. During high season you can make good use of your staff, but it becomes difficult to offer them work during the off season. It constantly feels like taking two steps forward and one step back.

The solution: At Your Service

Are you fed up with the issues listed above? Are you tired of investing in staff only to see them leave, again and again? Do you want to be able to focus on your guests instead of on the union? At your service has the answer.

Training and secondment

We can take on your staff. We will offer them hotel and catering industry courses and training programmes and then second these staff members back to you. You will not need to worry about a thing; we will take care of everything. This includes the contracts, payment of wages, communication with the union, replacement in the event of illness, etc. At your service will take on all of these concerns on your behalf.

Flexible pool of staff

Additionally, you can call on extra staff from our flexible pool of staff (Flexpool). This means that you will no longer need to worry about ‘Hotel and catering staff wanted’ signs or ads. The At your service Flexpool means you can always call on hotel and catering staff that can work on a flexible basis. This means you will easily be able to adapt to peaks and lows during the high season and off season.


Always have qualified staff

At your service guarantees certified hotel and catering staff, for both kitchen staff and service staff. We train the personnel and prepare them for the official SVH exam. When they have obtained this diploma, the At your service personnel will offer you the certainty of quality.

Local hotel and catering staff

You will also be assured of having local staff. At your service trains ‘local heroes’ for hotel and catering roles. These members of staff do not stay for a short time, but are here to stay. This means that they are invested in their work, your business, and the island. Above all, they know the culture and are proud of Curaçao. They reflect this to your guests and therefore give them the real, unique Curaçao experience.

At your service makes it easy

If you would like to keep managing your human resources yourself, but have the following ad in your window every high season: ‘Hotel and catering staff wanted’, then At your service is the place to be. We would be happy to second out Flexpool staff to your restaurant or resort when you need them.

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